Prosthodontics is the field of dentistry that relates to rebuilding natural teeth and restoring missing teeth with prosthetic replacements. This may involve a routine procedure such as making a crown for a damaged tooth or it could involve more complex procedures, such as full mouth reconstruction of extensively damaged dentitions involving the use of Veneers, Bridges, Dentures, Dental implants.

A Prosthodontist is responsible for executing those treatments, as well as co-ordinating treatment that may be required by other specialists. Several years of specialist training and recognition by the General Dental Council as a Specialist in Prosthodontics places the individual in the optimal position to manage the more challenging cases such as those with significant functional or aesthetic problems. Patients contemplating dental treatment which may require the use of dental implants, the extensive use of veneers as part of a smile ‘makeover’, and treatment that involves major changes of the dentition are strongly encouraged to seek the advice of a Prosthodontist in order to obtain the most appropriate, comprehensive and individually tailored solution to their dental needs.